A Brief History of the Fulton Mansion

Don’t know much about “history, geography or the French I took”?

Get connected to a special piece of ornate South Gulf Coast history while staying at the Circle W RV Ranch in Rockport, Texas. The Fulton Mansion is an interesting place to visit. It is part of the Texas Historical Commission and operated as the Fulton Mansion State Historic Site.

What makes the Fulton Mansion so interesting? Its history, of course!

Fulton Mansion History

It began with the 1840 marriage of east coast entrepreneur George W. Fulton to Harriet Smith, a daughter of a powerful politician of the time, Henry Smith. After Harriet’s father passed, Fulton turned Harriet’s land inheritance into a fortune by shipping cattle tallow and hides between Rockport and New Orleans. To mark their rise to prominence, the couple built a mansion called Oakhurst between 1874 and 1877.

Harriet Smith Fulton stayed a devoted wife and companion of George during their 50-year marriage. Their bayside residence is a perfect example of French second empire domestic architecture. It exudes a personal warmth and was an innovative home for the time. The advanced mechanical systems of gas lighting, central heating and indoor plumbing with hot and cold running water were the talk of the town! It was the only house in the area so equipped.

The Fulton Mansion passed the years as a private residence, a restaurant, a recreation center and a backdrop for a trailer park. It was acquired by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department in 1976 and in 2008, the home became a Texas Historical Commission property.

About Circle W RV Ranch

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