Harvey Update – Making Progress Daily

Harvey Clean UpThe Circle W staff, professional cleanup crew, plumbers, AEP, and a host of volunteers are working feverishly to restore, and in some cases improve, our Rockport community. Please realize Harvey hit us hard and there was an enormous amount of damage. We will keep you updated here as services come online.

We understand and encourage you to check your home and belongings to secure and repair them. We are making great progress daily, however, all services are not fully operational to every section or site. Please do not plan to stay for your own safety and comfort.

Cleanup is progressing every day with a professional crew and heavy equipment. Please have consideration of their work zones so as not to hamper their progress. Any area in which they are working could pose a risk to your personal safety and tires. Please stay out of the work zones.

Barring any complications, the septic system should be up and running after Saturday the 16th. Parts of the park still are without electric, but two additional transformations were replaced this week providing many more sites in M and D with electric. We are still identifying and repairing broken waterline and spirits throughout the park. There is no water available to the sites as of yet.

Due to the damage to the mailroom and the clubhouse, we do not know when we will be able to receive/distribute mail. Rockport post office is also down and all mail is going to and can be picked up in Ingleside. You may want to consider getting a PO box temporarily.

If you are disposing of food, please use the dumpsters that are provided. Do not just place food waste out on the edge of the street it is a safety issue, so please use the dumpsters provided.

We want to thank everyone for their patience, understanding and help during our recovery process.
    – Deb, Ray, and the Circle W Staff

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