Nature in Rockport

We love nature. When you get right down to it, its one of the great things about being in Rockport Texas, there’s nature all around you. Sure, there’s nature other places, but in this variety? If you love nature and if you love the Texas coast, we know you do, then when you visit the Circle W RV Ranch you can experience the great diversity of nature.

Natural World

Usually when we talk about nature on the Gulf Coast the emphasis is on the ocean. After all, it is a major reason that people visit and live here. The ocean offers a wide variety of different experiences whether its boating, fishing, swimming, or more.

Sometimes we talk about the different kinds of birds that live along the coastline. While those are great examples of nature, we’re thinking of something a little more arboreal.

Texas Big Tree, Texas Attraction

Oakey Dokey

Near Rockport Texas you’ll find a great example of Quercus virginiana, or live oak. You’ll find this species from Texas to Florida. However, you won’t likely find one quite like this just anywhere. We’re talking about “The Big Tree.” Up until 2003, this was the “Texas State Champion Virginia Live Oak.”

The Texas Forest Service thinks that it may be over 1,000 years old, while some other estimates place it closer to 2,000. This means it may be the oldest live oak in the world. It is 45 feet tall and over 35 feet around. The spread of the tree extends to 90 feet, making this one of the great wonders of nature.

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