The Circle W RV Ranch Quilting Club

Circle W RV Ranch, an RV park near the South Texas Gulf Coast, also features several enjoyable activities undertaken by creative ranch guests like the Circle W Sewing Group.

Circle W Sewing Group

texas-rv-parkThese fine ladies meet starting in November of each year on Wednesdays and continue the quilting sessions through March. They lovingly create blankets, quilts and Afghans that are then donated to the children at the Galveston Burn Center. Each year they produce hundreds of items.

They also periodically hold craft shows like the one put on this past March. The funds generated by that event supported the group’s sewing efforts for Shriners Hospital for Children Galveston. In fact, the cloth, thread, yawn, and equipment are donated from several sources, purchased with donated funds or money generated through craft shows and raffles.

While the ladies head north for the summer, they always return in at this time of the year to begin another quilting jamboree!

American Quilting

Just about every section of the globe for many centuries used padded fabric (or a cloth sandwich) for bedding, clothing and even for armor while in battle. It is called cloth sandwich for the decorative top, back and the middle filler.

In America, especially, the quilt took on the very practical role of providing warm coverings for beds. Because of their thickness, quilts often covered drafty windows to keep out the cold. The making of quilts soon became tied to worthy causes including being produced for Civil War soldiers. In families, many quilts took years to complete and were so creative, they became cherished as precious heirlooms!

Circle W RV Ranch

Take your rig to Circle W RV Ranch, a gated RV park in Rockport, Texas, conveniently located to take in the entire South Gulf Coast including Rockport, Port Arkansas, Corpus Christi and South Padre Island. Amenities include an indoor swimming pool, indoor hot tub and a 15,000 square foot clubhouse. Reserve a space or a cozy cabin now at

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