The Gulf Between Us at Circle W RV Ranch

The Texas Gulf Coast is lovely any time of year and to those of us who live on the Gulf there might be a tendency to forget just how great it is. Next time you’re at Circle W RV Ranch and staring out at the gorgeous waves as they crash against the shore it might do to reflect on some of the amazing history that gave us this sight.

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Way Back

The Gulf of Mexico was formed by the process of sea-floor spreading and is considered a true ocean basin. It got its start during the breakup of the mega-continent Pangea about 180 million years ago (mya). The Gulf actually used to be much bigger, going north almost to Oklahoma and west to west Texas. This early basin was filled with sediment that shrank it down.

Early Exploration

The first explorer to move through the Gulf of Mexico was Amerigo Vespucci, after whom the Americas are named. He followed the landmass of Central America and returned to the Atlantic near Florida. Most of the exploration of the Gulf area was originally a part of Spanish exploration of the New World. Another notable was Panfilo de Narvaez, who claimed what is now the Gulf

The Smell of Commerce in the Morning

The Gulf is home to major oil and fishing operations. Most offshore drilling rigs are found in the western gulf. While fishing is present the entirety of the coast. Popular types of catch are red snapper, amberjack, tilefish, swordfish, grouper, shrimp and crabs. You can also find oysters in many of the bays.

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You’ll find the Circle W RV Ranch in Rockport, Texas. They offer reasonable rates and great amenities such as a high-speed Wi-Fi, a sparkling indoor heated pool, laundry facilities, billiard tables, and a fitness room. Book a spot at

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